Tuesday, 28 August 2012

DIY Wedding - Is it a good idea?

I think I must have gone a little bit mad, as after having a 'discussion' with my other half about the cost of various items for our wedding next year, I am contemplating making some of the things we need myself. Now, this was not in my plans!

I was quite happy to get everything made (as I'm not really that crafty, wish I was!) but on discovering that a few of the things I want are completely out of budget I'm going to attempt to do some of it myself. As if I really have the time!

I'm thinking of making my own invitations and other wedding stationery (table names, place cards, table plans, menus etc) as well as wedding favours, some decorations and even... *I hold my breath as I write this...the cake!

For some people this amount of craftiness would be heaven, for me...hmmm, well I'll let you know! In my head everything I foresee making will turn out wonderful and super stylish, but it's turning that image into a reality that may just be very stressful, ending in eventual disaster.

My wedding is not until next June, so I have time to practise and perfect (!) but I'm wondering if I'll end up spending as much money on failed attemps and stuff I don't need as I would have done if I'd have just paid to get everything made. (If I do, it's his fault!).

I will keep you updated with my progress, but if anyone had any advice or words of wisdom do let me know!

Jill. x

Weekend in Bath

My blogging has fallen by the wayside recently so I'm trying to get back on track! There's just been so much going on, as well as looking after my little one and running the website, I've been trying to get to grips with planning our wedding and I had no idea that it would involve so much time and effort. There is endless research to be done!

We're also in the process of having a new kitchen installed to the house is a complete mess and there are pans, plates and tins of food in nearly every room! We're not far off it being finished but I will be so glad when it is!

Last weekend we had a little break from it all and had a lovely weekend in Bath, we were there for a wedding but decided to turn it into a long weekend so we coud spend some time together as a family.

I lived near Bath when I was at school, so it was an opportunity to show my other half the sights as well as the places I frequented when I was young. And it was also wonderful to catch up with some very dear school friends who I haven't seen for years!

Pulteney Bridge

Unfortunately the weather wasn't that great on our little sight seeing day, and we don't have many good photos, they're all a little grey! It's also always that easy and enjoyable with a toddler who would rather do other things!

'I'm sick of sight seeing now mum, please can I go and play in the park!'

'This is much more fun!'

One bit of sightseeing he did enjoy was our visit to the Roman Bath's where we kept him entertained by giving him the audio guide handset so he could pretend it was a phone and have a lovely chat with the recorded visitor information.

Jill. x